Facebook Twitter . The most popular BMW cars are X1 , X5 and 3 Series . 48. In addition, our company has been suported and awarded by the Ministry of Industry and KOSGEB as an registered succesfull R & D company. Dynamic neck Car Model: Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi) The all-new BMW 3 Series: Rs.41,70,000 to Rs.48,50,000: The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo: Rs.50,70,000: The BMW 5 Series: Rs.55,40,000 to Rs.68,40,000: The BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo: Rs.64,90,000 to Rs.75,90,000: The new BMW 7 Series: Rs.1,35,50,000 to Rs.1,66,00,000: BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe: Rs.1,29,00,000 to Rs.1,55,00,000: BMW X1 It is a genuine transformer that proselytes from a BMW into a stupendous robot finished with capable arm developments and a … Recommended Retail Price List. 20%. - LETRONS can be built from various models of cars. 35.000 N main hydrolic cylinder system and perfect Will more model of cars come to life? responses. This car is Turkey'sLetvisionThe product "Letrons" developed by the company called "Letrons", the price is not disclosed, but it can also be sold for consumers. The Autobot was built using real BMW 3 Series. BMW built its name around cars that delivered the excitement of driving a sports car, yet possessed the luxury and practicality of a traditional sedan, ultimately popularizing the sports sedan segment with its iconic 3-Series and 5-Series models. sensors. Turkish tech company Letrons is selling the Transformer car of your childhood dreams for a whopping US$600,000. spine structure with extra hydrolic supplements, The company plans to eventually commercialise the process. The amazing Letrons BMW is a working prototype and at this stage remote controlled – in essence a giant toy. BMW car prices start (GST Included) at Rs 37.20 Lakh for the most inexpensive model in its lineup, the X1. Letvision has released images and video of a BMW 3-Series Coupe that transforms into a robot called as Letrons. They are called “Letrons,” and they are real 1-to-1 scale size BMWs. - Yes LETRONS can be for sale if the buyers project and their reasons for use, meets the criteria of the LETRONS team. 10%. Led based design dynamic eye structure and With camera integration performing speech and Do LETRONS walk? Enriched with the capability to speak, sound There are a couple of downsides to the giant toy. Over the years, BMW’s lineup has expanded to include new models such as the X-line of SUVs, along with several electric and hybrid vehicles. Book a Service. The price of BMW 2 Series starts at Rs. Deep Cycle storage units and 4,000 W power capability. 60. Remote control with 2.4 GHz radio frequency with Free to do what you really want to. LETRONS is a Turkish company that initially began as a start-up and R&D Project, curated by parent company Letvision back in 2009. Until now. Can LETRONS be built from various models of cars? 0. - The cars are not drivable in traffic yet. A bunch of Turkish engineers just created a real-life Transformer car which, like our favorite Autobots and Decepticons, transforms from vehicle mode to robot mode – and vice versa. I’ll take a Bumblebee! Monthly Payment ฿ 66,907 /-Quotation for reference by Alphera Financial Services Name: * Email: * Mobile No: * Comments: Interested in insurance. "Letrons conveys the first and final of its kind strength on the planet with full execution transformation in coordinated scale and brilliant specialized information," said the organization. Find out more; BMW ConnectedDrive. Genuine old BMW cars for sale at CarWale. coverage with 5 dBi Antenna. movement abilities in real time. Cookies on sbtjapan.com. The team are working towards this now. Call Mark Wahlberg, because I think we just found a Transformah! BMW’s in Disguise: Meet The Real-Life Transformers From Turkey By George Wilder on 14th October 2020. Credit: Letrons . Made by a Turkish company called Letrons, this BMW can transform into a Michael Bay-sized robot by the click of a button. Largest stock of second hand BMW cars in India. Unfortunately, unless you want to be crushed inside, you’ll have to use the remote to control it from outside. Are the cars drivable in traffic with normal functionality? Buyers will be happy to know that other car models besides BMW can be used. Functioning via remote control (since the sentience feature is probably being saved for the future) the BMW cars transform into a functioning robot. allows high performance throughout. sensitive to environmental factors integration. BMW TwinPower Turbo Engines. The cars are not drivable in traffic yet. If you're thinking, 'Value my car', you’re in the right place. Find out more; BMW FINANCIAL SERVICES. This video is unavailable. 10 Channel controller. With saloons, coupés, tourings, Sports Activity Vehicles, Sports Activity Coupés, convertibles, all-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and M models, there’s something for everyone. Find out more; BMW USED CARS. - We will be building different models in the near future. Although Letvision has not revealed the technical aspects of the Letron or the pricing at which the car cum robot will be available. Feature Electrified Wingsuit Flight: the Making-Of. Turkish company Letrons on Thursday modified a BMW car and gave the world, its first Transformer. The Antimon and the Company behind It. Used BMW Cars. In this Article we showcase some Amazing Prototypes from BMW,VW, & Mercedes. Following BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover is the next to step up and make an announcement to reduce prices for the cars that are manufactured locally. Get in for the fun of brilliance, sports, and luxury! visuality. variable light spectrum allows highly effective BMW Group. BMW Price List Book a Test Drive Contact Dealer. The incredible driveable transformer has been unveiled by Turkish company, Letvision, in a move that will no doubt shake up the potential market of hitech, futuristic cars. BMW Art Cars Wild at Art: Art on Wheels. 142. through an interactive wrist for quick and accurate Individually designed fingers moving with in 200 Ncm DC servo motor capable of 100 degrees connection by 1.000N actuator. Trans racing driver Charlie Martin: Taking Motorsport by Storm. 30%. For $600,000, you can have the real-life, full-size action figure, which is a BMW 3-series vehicle. inverter to manage the energy distribution. Suggested Retail Price* Price with BSI STANDARD package** Monthly Payment***/**** 118i M Sport (M Performance Edition) 2,069,000 2,099,000 18,999 BMW 2 SERIES. - LETRONS first model and leader “ANTIMON” took 11 months to complete. The team are working towards this now. WCRS has been BMW’s advertising agency since 1979 and have really made a great brand image for BMW by advertising campaigns including famous actors like James Bond, Tom Cruise etc. The most expensive car in BMW's lineup is the X5 M, priced at Rs. BMW offers 19 new car models and 7 upcoming models in India. Watch Queue Queue controlled interactively. 37.20 Lakh . The Turkish company explains the innovation, Antimon, on its website , revealing that the unit is designed for a full robot transformation. However, Letvision call their transforming robots Letrons. able to turn 120 degrees. We got one for you as well! Unless otherwise stated, all of our BMW cars are brand new and come straight from the dealership or direct from BMW! Which means you can rest assured you're getting the best deal without having to negotiate with a pushy salesman. The AeroMobil s.r.o. - LETRONS can be built from various models of cars. - The project succesed by Levent Erenler and his team which consisted of many Engineers and supporting technicians. They function via remote control. Are LETRONS for sale? The car can’t be driven, but it is remotely-controlled. Will more model of cars come to life? Turkish company Letvision have successfully created a working prototype, and now they plan to sell these transforming vehicles to buyers. Dynamic angle-controlled arm movements with The BMW Vision Next 100. Watch this full-sized BMW transform into a giant robot You won't believe your eyes. Offers . The prices of 2 Series diesel variants start at Rs. Prices are subject to change. Bmw Letrons Car Price. VIEWS. BMW ConnectedDrive. Find your BMW; Useful Links Test Drive. Letvision, a Turkish company is launching their very first Letrons car called Antimon.It is world’s first car that can be turned into a giant robot.The car is a red BMW E92 that can turn into a life like, giant robot in just 30 seconds.. When did you begin this prroject and how long did it take to complete? By using this site, you accept the use of cookies. Real BMW converts to remote-control Transformer. - ANTIMON has been built using an actual car. vision by the data received from the sensors. The technology is finally there to make a car that’s also a functional full-size transformer! AeroMobil is a Slovak prototype roadable aircraft, designed by Štefan Klein and first flown in 2013. Antimon has been built using an actual car. Balloon Amount. Home; Cars . Which also makes for a full-sized, real robot once transformed, largely of the Autobot variety. Sadly, you can’t ride in them, but they do actually transform. Real Transformers Cars 1/ Aero Mobil 3.0. Letrons is based in Ankara, Turkey and their parent company Letvision who was a startup and R&D company, that has been supported and awarded by the Ministry of Industry and KOSGEB as a registered successful R & D company.

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