Component: Doctor Highlight Block. Discover the path that’s right for you. Get your All Access Pass; Search Donors ; Benefits of the SGF/ SSB collaboration: Choose from over 200 highly screened and diverse donors; FREE shipping to SGF Rockville, SGF Fairfax, SGF Towson, and SGF Atlanta* Donors screened … © 2020-2021 Seattle Reproductive Medicine Inc., PS. We will provide an overview and address any and all concerns. Learn More. Infertility is a complex disease of the reproductive system characterized by the inability to achieve pregnancy after more than 12 months of regular, unprotected sexual intercourse. If you and a partner have been attempting pregnancy for >6 months (if age 35 of older) or >12 months (younger than 35) please schedule a New Patient Visit for a full fertility workup. Make an appointment via the Men's Health Center, or call 206-598-6358. Such programs offer discounts at varied prices with multiple packages as per the need of the couples. The question of when to seek infertility care is different for everyone. It also highlights how the total number of eggs decrease with age and the total number of abnormal eggs increase with age. Learn more about the many options to help you become a parent. At Pacific NW Fertility, our empathetic team members will be by your side at every step, presenting options, providing support, and helping you make informed choices about your treatment. Insurance coverage varies widely. This chart illustrates the likelihood of pregnancy per month when actively trying to conceive based on age. These pictorial ovals demonstrate an ovary and shows how an ovary at age 30 is much larger than an ovary at age 45. 12039 NE 128th Street, Suite 110 Kirkland, WA 98034 Phone: 425-822-7662. Please try another browser, or install the latest version of your favorite browser below: Chrome  •  Menu. This test does not provide a full fertility evaluation. All of this points to optimizing the woman’s menstrual cycle which is beneficial for fertility enhancement.Sometimes, all the Western allopathic testing has been done and no specific cause can be found to explain why you have not gotten pregnant. that would be discussed at a new patient visit. Uncategorized . The most common tests to evaluate ovarian reserve include an ultrasound and blood test for antimullarian hormone (AMH). Reproductive aging is one of the main predictors of whether or not one will be able to conceive. Thank you ORH! Please try another browser, or install the latest version of your favorite browser below: Chrome  •  The blood is drawn at PNWF and sent to Counsyl for DNA analysis and screening of over 100 genetic mutations. This test can be done at any time in your menstrual cycle and does not matter if you are on any hormonal birth control method. The question of when to seek infertility care is different for everyone. Creating Life is Beautiful. I have many patients not make an appointment in fear of not being able to pay for tests and/or treatment. Seattle ; Hailey's welcoming and positive attitude, empathy, and commitment to individualized care fosters deep connections as she accompanies patients in their unique fertility journeys. Another evaluation is ovarian reserve. Safari  •  Phone: (206) 301-5000. No appointment is necessary with our network of national labs. share . Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test checks for thyroid disease. The Typical Infertility Treatment Journey. A Fertility Assessment is a test for ovarian reserve / egg supply ONLY and does not evaluate for any other potential cause of infertility including problems with ovulation, the uterus, fallopian tubes, sperm quality, etc. Male fertility tests. About. Your provider will determine the most appropriate test for you. Our team is here to help when you are ready. And when you celebrate, we will celebrate with you. Your first visit is an exciting, question-filled time. Another sperm test that they conduct is the Sperm DNA Fragmentation test … Request an Appointment . The rate of this decline, however, cannot be predicted for a given individual. Established in 1979, the Male Fertility Lab serves physicians, clinics and patients throughout UW Medicine, Seattle, the Puget Sound area and Washington state, and is affiliated with private IVF programs and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Request an Appointment | 877-777-6002 | ... We have five conveniently located fertility clinics in the Seattle area, and one location in Spokane. Create a 'someday' option for your reproductive future. The first fertility test done for men is the semen analysis. If your count falls below that number, you may want to consult your doctor for further tests. We are dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive care to help our patients find their best path to parenthood. University of Washington Urologists - Male Fertility Testing. Wellness . I am now 8 weeks pregnant - less than four months after I started going to ORH. Results available online as soon as 1 business day. A complete medical history is taken as we get to know you as an individual. It tests many important factors regarding sperm quality and quantity. The testing involves a blood test for patients and Pacific NW Fertility is proud to work with Counsyl for the analysis and interpretation of these results. Poma Fertility holds one of the highest rankings among IVF centers located in Seattle. We will remain enthusiastic and optimistic, even on the days that you may not. Family is incredibly meaningful to Dr. Letterie; helping others build theirs is one of the most rewarding aspects of his work. Many of the fertility clinics in the Seattle area have partnered with financing programs and non-profit organizations that are working to support couples in their journey towards parenthood. According to the Mayo Clinic, a sperm count above 20 million sperm per milliliter is considered normal. I am amazed at how quickly they found the problem and a solution. Lack of ovulation or other menstrual cycle problems can be caused by TSH levels testing too high or too low. Nichole M. Barker, DO. Safari  •  This allows our physicians to consult with you in greater depth concerning your specific situation. 5 Best Fertility Clinics in Seattle with High Success Rate & Reviews 1.POMA Fertility. An andrologist can examine multiple components of the sperm, including concentration of sperm, percentage of motile sperm, and the shape of the sperm. Call SRM to schedule an Antimullerian Hormone (AMH) blood test. The male is asked to masturbate and collect the ejaculate in a cup for examination. The Kofinas Fertility Group also conducts sperm test to determine male fertility. Pacific NW Fertility Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates: April 15, 2020. These levels are measured both in the blood and the saliva, both are done at home and mailed for analysis. AMH <1 is consistent with a significant decline in egg quantity. The reality is, most insurances will cover diagnostics. You will have follow up instructions from your fertility coordinator and financial counseling regarding insurance coverage, out of pocket expenses for diagnostics and/or treatments. Receiving a complete and accurate diagnosis is essential to determining the most appropriate course of treatment. Two main features of reproductive aging are the decline in the number of eggs and a decline in egg quality. We apologize for the inconvenience, but your browser is currently not supported by this website. Fertility Providers. We are committed to making it as affordable as possible. The first step on your journey to building your family, we look forward to meeting you. … Recommended Testing Before Your New Patient Consultation Initial Fertility Testing. Their cost for a semen analysis is $150. After a few years of gaining experience in family planning, well women visits, and fertility care, Lindsay joined SRM in 2009. 877-777-6002. The postcoital fertility test is performed after intercourse to determine the ability of the man's sperm to survive in the woman's cervical mucus. Log in / Sign up Cart 0 1-888-732-2348 Hablamos Español. Learn more about the many options to help you become a parent. Follicles seen on ultrasound reflect a small fraction of the residual pool. Prior to your first consultation at Pacific NW Fertility, it may be helpful (although, not mandatory), to have some preliminary fertility testing completed and the results sent to us before your first appointment. Firefox  •  *Note, this illustration is an average. The ultrasounds are not painful, though they can be slightly uncomfortable. 425.822.7662. patient portal schedule an appointment apply to be a donor. Address: 1505 Westlake Ave North, Suite 400, Seattle,WA 98109. Cart My … It is usually performed in a laboratory or physicians office. Evidence of ovulation can be determined by monthly menstrual cycles, a positive ovulation predictor kit, or elevated progesterone levels in the latter half of a menstrual cycle. The first step on your journey to building your family, we look forward to meeting you. With regard to the ovaries, there are two components to evaluate: ovulation and ovarian reserve. Similarly, if the uterine cavity was abnormal, this would be considered uterine factor infertility. A Fertility Assessment is for those who are not yet trying to conceive. We discuss testing and the process of IVF. Uw medicine, world class urological care for men women and children. Please refer to our COVID-19 Update for more information. We discuss age and how chances of pregnancy success change over the fertility window. 1-888-732-2348. There is an expected natural decline in fertility with advanced aging. Sperm is collected into a specimen jar and presented to a lab technician who examines the sperm under a microscope in order to evaluate the count, shape, appearance, and mobility of the sperm. A younger person may have a lower number of antral follicles but the quality is still good versus an older person with a higher number of eggs but poor egg quality. × Continue Shopping View Cart and Checkout 0. If the fallopian tubes are blocked, the reason for infertility would be considered tubal factor. Fertility Testing Evaluating Your Needs. If attempting pregnancy and not successful within six months, recommend scheduling a new patient visit to discuss whether additional testing or fertility treatment may be beneficial. I am very grateful to them - all the staff are wonderful and compassionate. Discover the path that’s right for you. Known fertility problems ; More than one miscarriage ; What does infertility mean? The absolute number and quality of eggs diminishes with age, but the number of follicles is variable for everyone. Call SRM to schedule your Fertility Assessment at 877.777.6002. The fertility services include several fertility treatment … Hormone and other fertility testing. Advanced female fertility testing provides answers. We are dedicated to provide you the personal care you deserve. All rights reserved. They did all my testing, discovered I have a fertility affecting condition and prescribed me medication that has been effective. See why semen analysis is critical in evaluating infertility. Driven to obtain further education, Lindsay returned to school and completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice in Midwifery at the University of Washington in 2019. AMH 1-2 is borderline and is consistent with a mild or moderate decline in egg quantity. The second appointment is a phone call with a Nurse Practitioner to review the results and briefly discuss options. This imaging test uses a contrast media (fluid) to assess whether the fallopian tubes are open or blocked, and whether the uterine cavity contains polyps or fibroids.

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