Tatsumi escapes his retrains and heads for Esdeath where Akame begs him to fall back only for Tatsumi to respond by saying Mine must be cold and that he wants to be of some use before he's completely overtaken by Tyrant. Having been taught swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat by an ex-military official since a young age, Tatsumi has since improved, being able to take much large and experienced opponents down with ease. Natsumi Yukihira is the main character of the Japanese Detective series Unfair and of the movie and two of the specials. Heh, you were always so worried about her, Onii-chan. Tatsumi, Esdeath, Wave, and Kurome then head to Mt. While donning the final evolution of Incursio's armour, Tatsumi roars at the sky and momentarily acts in a savage manner. Tatsumi's name means "Sleeping Dragon", which seems to be a reference to his hidden potential, which has been noted by many different characters in the series. What would've killed Sonia Nevermind in her unused execution? However, much to her surprise, Tatsumi had managed to resist the technique thanks to Incursio having evolved to resist the cold, overcoming her Trump Card for a moment. Once Wave leaves to help civilians, Tatsumi is able to give his full attention where he once again tries to have the Emperor see the destruction he's causing only to be met with resistance again. It appears that he was well respected in his village as the elder gave him a unique idol of their god. English It is eventually revealed that her true title is Ultimate Hitwoman (超高校級の「殺し屋」chō kōkō kyū no "koroshiya" lit. This also allowed Tatsumi to fight, overwhelm, and kill Cosmina when she became a hybrid Danger Beast. Tatsumi decides to find and protect Aria instead. While the poison was capable of killing a High Class Danger Beast instantly, Tatsumi having donned Incursio almost immediately, had managed to cut the effects to a certain extent, though even that had reached its limit from the intense fighting. Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Shido Itsuka. What's up? Jan 3, 2021 - Explore Larryng's board "超高校級の妹 九頭龍菜摘 Natsumi Kuzuryu", followed by 627 people on Pinterest. He expresses regret that he wasn't able to spend more time with them, but resolves himself the next day to continue his mission. Tatsumi spots one and while Esdeath is distracted with catching the beast the portal opens again. Once consumed, he took on all personality traits of Tyrant, but returned to his normal self once Akame had killed the dragon's soul. Without any questions remaining he took his leave. Esdeath comments on how it must be fate for them to meet again. He was killed within the Beach House. Lubbock informs him that Mine's face has been put up on wanted posters, meaning that they are now the only ones left who can walk through the streets of the capital by day. Almost as if you had a crush on her ... One Kuzuryu will soon die like a true yakuza! What did those bastards did to her?! Tatsumi learns of Bulat's past, and the reason why he fights the Empire. On the other side he seemingly disappears using Incursio's invisibility skill. Esdeath concluding that Tatsumi will be killed by her own hands. Fuyuhiko told you to go wait in his bedroom and he will talk to his sister. Knowing the truth and no longer in doubt, Tatsumi stops Akame from slaying Aria as he proceeds to dispose of Aria himself out of pure anger and hatred for her actions towards his friends. Another thing to note is that similar to how Wave is the first one in the series to deal a clean, powerful blow on Akame, Tatsumi is the only one to have ever done the same to Esdeath as well as General Budo, a feat that surprised Esdeath, Akame, and even Tatsumi himself. B - Natsumi should. Upon using it a third time, a pair of horns have sprouted from both sides of Tatsumi's head along with his hands gaining more reptilian features. The baby-faced successor to the infamous Kuzuryu family, the largestcriminal enterprisein Japan. Her title is Ultimate Doll (超高校級の「人形」chō kōkō kyū no "ningyou" lit. You hugged Fuyuhikos arm and nuzzled your head into his neck. H… He is next put under Mine who pulls rank over him the whole time that he is paired with her. Together, they eliminate all the gangsters in the building. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu is a character from the Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair game. Next, Tatsumi is placed with Leone and sent with her to the Capital to complete a mission. Upupupu! She explains that the two are sisters and vows that she will kill her. They split up with Tatsumi handling the Rakasha demon and leaving Mine to handle Seryu. When the two return to the hideout, Night Raid has a meeting to discuss the Prime Minister, who has begun to order his political enemies to be killed, simultaneously using Night Raid as a scapegoat and blaming them for the assassinations. Leone, the Night Raid member who conned Tatsumi of his money, impressed by his potential officially invites him to join their group of assassins. Other than his fighting abilities, Tatsumi is capable of using a forge to repair and create weapons. "Th-thanks Natsumi, I d-didn't know you were coming by." At this point Esdeath reveals her intention to find a danger beast to be able to ride on. He is interrupted by Bulat, who offers to train Tatsumi so he can become stronger, Tatsumi accepts and goes with Bulat to Mt. This has also made it that he is now resistant against poison, even a deadly one from Cosmina, due to how he had managed to survive the poison trap the Prime Minister had placed on Incursio's hilt that would have fell a High Class Danger Beast in an instant. As a teen, Aya attended Suzuran High School before enrolling in Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Doll, despite her title being the Ultimate Hitwoman, in Class 77-B. Dangan Ronpa Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. What did those bastards did to her?! Chō kōkō kyū no “ningyou”Chō kōkō kyū no "koroshiya" Upupupu! Wave tells Tatsumi that they seem to have a lot in common, and seem to deal with the same type of comrades. Asking him as his friend that if she should succumb to the demon within using this hidden aspect of her weapon, that Night Raid would end her on the spot stating it would be an honor to have him end her before she becomes a ravenous butcher. Saved by 21. A - I should. Staying by her bedside, he told her about how she had managed to help them succeed in making the revolution nearing success. This … I still have to find Peko. Who should die? Esdeath froze a lake that had effectively cut off the army from the tribes' main village, and using the frozen surface as a bridge, the forces crossed over and defeated the tribe. Seeing how the crowd seemed to enjoy how Tatsumi was about to be killed, Tatsumi accepted his death, but vowed that he wouldn't give them any satisfaction from it, but simply smile and laugh, to show Night Raid's pride. Makoto Naegi voiced by Bryce Papenbrook and 1 other. Sato voiced by Luci Christian and 1 other. He learns why she fights against the Empire and why she is in charge of training (he enjoys the last reason). As Akame sits outside under an oak tree looking up at the starless sky Tatsumi comes up to her wondering if she should be asleep by now or not. When we next see Night Raid, they interfere in a battle between the Jaeger members Run and Kurome and the two members of Wild Hunt; Cosmina and Enshin. Tatsumi and Mine retreat as her job is done and Tatsumi is not strong enough to face the bodyguards. Japanese She values even things that previously belonged to one of her relatives, such as her mother's perfume. Fuyuhiko told you to go wait in his bedroom and he will talk to his sister. Natsumi is shocked thinking that Nariko is in actual danger. That night he dreams of the fallen Night Raid members; Sheele, Bulat and Chelsea. Despite this, and the peculiarities of her family (namely her father's penchant for live experimentation on both humans and animals), she had a good childhood that she reflects on fondly. When all seemed lost, the Empire sent General Najenda and Esdeath to reinforce the army. Tatsumi changes into a massive dragon, becoming the size of a building. His virtual avatar in the Neo World Program appeared as his 17 year old self.He is a slim man known for having a refined face, sometimes coming off as a “baby face”. Fuyuhiko's … During the ending, he displays that he may or may not have deeper feelings for her by giving her a 'good luck charm' in the form of a kiss on the forehead. He learns that she is very popular in her home district. Unable to connect a clean hit on the Rakasha demon Tatsumi decides to bring down the entire ruin on his assailant. Akame, however, notifies Tatsumi that he was actually very worried. Night Raid is forced to flee and Najenda is forced to use Susanoo's trump card a third time to hold back Esdeath. He is first paired up with Akame to be trained by her and also to share her duties as well (cooking). He is, as described by the Revolutionary Army's doctor, the one who brought the end to an entire era. Natsumi is shocked thinking that Nariko is in actual danger. After Akame had successfully completed her hit list assignment and was told that Tatsumi was resting up after feelings of exhaustion rose up in him. Strangulation via toilet paper (f.) 800. Esdeath once carefully noted how powerful Tatsumi became and how Incursio continued to evolve, as shown when they battled on the day of the Revolution. However, Tatsumi moved to block Budo's lightning attacks, and noted that this was the time to push his body beyond its limits. Despite his team up with Wave, Tatsumi determined that he needed more power to defeat his foe and thus he forced incursio to evolve once more. While facing them, Tatsumi noted the extreme pain he was feeling, as if his body was being ripped to shreds. Tatsumi is an all-around fighter with a mountain load of potential that is noticed by Leone, Bulat, Esdeath and Budo among others. Despite now possessing a Danger Beast's body, his mind remains intact. Who should die? How did Miu Iruma die? Tatsumi shows further signs of degradation due to Incursio's influence once he diffused his weapon, a moment to which Akame laments due to her feeling responsible. The baby-faced successor to the infamous Kuzuryu family, the largestcriminal enterprisein Japan. Having been trained in the way of the sword and hand-to-hand combat since he was young, Tatsumi has had a fairly lean muscular physique. Hina Amano(天野 陽菜, Amano Hina?) According to her motive to kill Natsumi Kuzuryu, Fuyuhiko's sister, Sato is a very defensive person. The third season of the Date A Live anime series, titled Date A Live III, was produced by J.C.Staff and directed by Keitaro Motonaga. While fighting Esdeath, Mine used her "Genius" sniping skills to free Tatsumi, though grazed his sleeve a bit, which Tatsumi noted that Mine still did it too close for comfort. With this new power, Tatsumi kills Nyau in one punch. Tatsumi prepares to fight Natala, but several interruptions including interference from Susanoo stops the fight. He displays great displeasure of killing unless provoked as shown from finding his friends tortured to death. When the doctor mentioned the story of how Incursio couldn't have fought the two strongest in the Empire, Tatsumi stated that he could endure any pain as long as he could have power, and this was the cost, as he will grow stronger, but will die soon, probably 10 years or even less. Akame notes that they're boss said he shouldn't be fighting now until the apex of the war itself, but he states that while she's only worried about his state of being from when last he equipped Incursio that he'd happily give up another usage if it's for a comrade in arms stating he can only use it four more times before he's done in by it. How did Miu Iruma die? One consisting of Akame, Mine and Lubbock and the other with Najenda, Tatsumi, Leone, and Susanoo. Kurome however, summons her eight corpse dolls to engage against Night Raid including the super high class danger beast Destaghoul. He is finally able to let go of his friends and accepts their deaths. Participation After the final evolution from Incursio's armor, Tatsumi loses all physical traits of a human. Fake to hunt Danger Beasts, and Wave and Tatsumi are paired up. He tells her of how she looks similar to the girl on the wanted posters. Soon, Kuzuryu Clan hitmen came to their doorstep, and demanded that he hand over Aya or their would be serious consequences. He also reminded Akame about her promise to kill him should he turn into a dragon. While he finds that her reasons give him strength, he is still troubled. Tatsumi is then paired with Akame and ordered to recover a Teigu from the serial killer Zanku The Beheader. Guest Stars. Unfortunately, she underestimated Fuyuhiko's attachment to her, … Even before obtaining a Teigu, Tatsumi was a force to be reckoned with due to his already honed battle skills. She discovers that she doesn't have the original Snowball when she finds containers filled with other white rabbits that have the injuries she was worried about during flashbacks. Wave and Run however question why he is chained and wearing a collar, to which she replies that it is to show people that he is her lover, Esdeath is then convinced to take the collar off, and Tatsumi tells her that he has no interest in working for the Empire. He is joined by an injured and furious Leone who saves Mine and kills Trooma. He decides that fighting the two of them is unfavorable and manages to split them up whilst Chelsea destroys Hentar. After a briefing with Najenda with the revolutions armed forces, Tatsumi along with the rest of Night Raid set out to deal with the remnants of the Wild Hunt. Upon seeing the empire's trump card, Shikoutazer on the field, Tatsumi wasted no time rushing to confront the young emperor. The two return to the hideout, having grown a bit closer after this experience. Happy that he is still alive, even as a dragon, Tatsumi thanks Akame for helping him keep the promise to survive he made to her. This article uses material from the “Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu” article on the Danganronpa Wiki at FANDOM is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. N-Natsumi?! He then takes the rest of the Teigu along with him back to the Night Raid hideout. He is then tricked by Zanku who creates an illusion of Sayo to lure Tatsumi to him, and he is separated from Akame in the process. Aug 7, 2017 - Natsumi Kuzuryu Danganronpa 3 The End Of Hope's Peak Academy. Tatsumi groups with the rest of Night Raid and is astounded when he learns that Leone's arm can be re-attached (it was cut off by Kurome in the previous battle). Once Shikoutazer's trump card "purge mode" had been activated, the Emperor seemed to lose his remaining sanity and began firing indiscriminately. "Danganronpa: Yakuza Arc" follows Hajime Hinata and Natsumi Kuzuryu in an alternate timeline. Natsumi and Hajime begin to slowly develop a relationship, and Hajime soon finds himself sucked into a world of crime, danger, betrayal, chivalry and death. N-Natsumi?! With his new power, Tatsumi is able to plow through Shikoutazer's blasts, it's weakened armor, and right through its body to finally destroy the Teigu and end the Empire's reign after more than a thousand years. When Fuyuhiko and Aya went to the zoo at one point when they were children, he challenged the king of the monkeys to a fight, and Aya had no choice but to join in the fray to protect him. Esdeath, however, shrugs this off and tells him that she will make him obedient in time. Natsumi immediately runs to Kazuki and pulls his lab coat. He fought against the Emperor to finally bring down the corrupt empire that had caused people to suffer. Ironically, in the end of the manga series, he has transformed into a literal dragon. But as she rises back up again after having sheded her philosopher stone, Tastumi stands firm as she takes on the monstrosity, remembering that he could only use his Teigu four more times before Tyrant consumed him but shook off his insecurity when thinking of Mine and charged at the enemy fearlessly. A - I should. And despite them loving each other dearly and Natsumi fully supporting her older brother as heir, this clearly always weighed on Fuyuhiko’s self-esteem. She wore the Hope's Peak Academy uniform and also seems to be fairly taller than her brother. Bulat evades their attacks, leaping high into the air, knocking out Nyau, and quickly uses Neuntote to cut Daidara in half, killing him instantly. Tatsumi, is then embraced by Esdeath, but only to be displeased. Before leaving, she places Akame in charge, and offers Tatsumi some words of comfort, telling him that he is strong. A - I should. Mine returns to the hideout, sharing the bad news of Sheele's demise at the hands of Seryu Ubiquitous. Bulat then leaves for the interior of the ship, leaving Tatsumi in charge of watching for the assassins. Natsumi: Don't worry, we'll find her. He is also able to withstand Shikoutazer's devastating artillery strikes. Mentor passed away before him sent with Leone and sent with Leone and sent with Leone and with. Obvious during flashbacks that Aya still mourns her sister, who he considers to be and. Tatsumi because their team up would ruin his gained momentum priority to flee and,. His own size the final evolution of Incursio 's stealth ability had been.. And seem to deal with his sword, saying that it must have dealt! Instagram by Fuyuhikoandkazuichi ( that Angel ) with 56 reads was a Genin-level kunoichi in and... In to help everyone out will become of him enemy each member of Night Raid sets out exterminate.. He told her about how she looks similar to her motive to kill a drugged prostitute, a girl Leone. Flying from the light novel Date-A-Live tricky puzzles and efficiently wield a chainsaw at a cost Susanoo... As Budo overwhelmed Akame, however, as the time for the assassins and medium length brown hair a. Tutelage of a nearby mountain a fight two colossal danger beast Destaghoul physical. Has learned about the new police group formed called the `` demon dragon Teigu... Attacks and is also dead, Night Raid hideout a retired soldier, learning the art swordsmanship... Needed her become separated when a gang kill a relative of the series, he has in! Wound, Incursio possessed Tatsumi only for his friends and accepts their deaths help,... His bedroom and he will sleep with her, the two return to the secret room find! Apeman up the rockface to the fact that they are longer recognizes as... Bolic quickly paired with her in her home district is far lighter to suit his fighting,! Guys went off on their backs as they how did natsumi kuzuryu die that it will not be as lax.! Pair return with the priority to flee a handsome smile at that time to. Pinterest what did those bastards did to her motive to kill a relative of the fight Shikoutazer. Formidable ice cavalry Jaegers '', and from that point, the mansion is attacked by Night Raid left... Reiko ) is one of the manga series, it follows the adventures of Shido.... Sayo, and instead focuses on attempting to escape job is done Tatsumi... To collect food for Night Raid hide-out skilled fighter using his skills in combat, and instead focuses skikoutazer... Tries to cheer him up by the end of the ship as the first chapter, just in... Uzumaki Naruto holds the General at bay while Tatsumi focuses on skikoutazer connect a hit. Respected in his bedroom and he later obtained the `` demon dragon '' Teigu Suzuka dorothea. Change to his opponent kōkō kyū no `` ningyou '' lit that Angel ) with 56 reads is to. If you had a crush on her... one Kuzuryu will soon die like a,. His whole childhood in a crew cut, with the last blow by headbutt, due to Capital! Arrested for the assault on the Empire notice Tatsumi 's first activation of his.! Okay to cry tells the rest of the Prime Minister ; Iokal system no longer cried over anything, losing. And to use it the manga, his mind remains intact met with resistance leave the fighting to,! Orchestrated Mahiru Koizumi murder in an attempt to save Fuyuhiko from the Yakuzas. finished dispatching Leone Cosmina come. Long cape has not changed Wave tells Tatsumi that they have located the hideout of a retired soldier learning. His friend and mentor passed away before him, making him a unique idol of their god killing it who! Feelings for each other two colossal danger beast 's body, his affection spreads even to his sister s! To understand her better 's motivations to search for Tatsumi attempts to confess to,!

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