Staple capacity up to 240 sheets All body made with durable metal components. Other staplers, including back loading and electric varieties, have a button or knob for you to press. Swingline staplers come in many different varieties, but they all open in a similar way. Features. Bottom Loading Easy Squeeze Design Easy Jam Clearance Close. Although opening the stapler is a straight forward process, it can be confusing if you have never opened a stapler … Its capacity to staple a sizable up to 45 sheets of paper or light corrugate/fiber board makes it great for mailrooms, administrative duties, retail and manufacturing and packaging operations. That’s because it integrates a no-jam system that works to keep your staples flowing easily through your machine. The chrome-plated all-steel construction stapler can withstand rough use on the jobsite while still delivering the results you want. This Bostitch stapler features an anti-jam magazine and Manual Squeeze Staplers; This heavy-duty 450S2-1 construction stapler is great for construction What a Manual Staple Gun is Good For. The fact that the Bostitch B8 features an all-metal design serves as an unmatched advantage. Learn More. BT160HL - Heavy Duty Staple Gun With Hi/Lo. Bostitch is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. Let’s get started! Locate the cartridge inside the feed tray and pull it out. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. The Stanley-Bostitch Heavy Duty Stapler PHD-60 is. Price: $38.39: Brand: Bostitch Office: Color: Gray: Material : Paper: About this item This fits your . Step 3 Lift the slide latch located at the rear of the nail gun. Heavy duty electric staple/nail gun ... Nail Gun Stanley Bostitch N12B Series Operation And Maintenance Manual. Learn More. Parts. BTE550Z - Electric 2-in-1 Staple & Nail Gun. Find the cheap Bostitch Heavy Duty Stapler How To Load, Find the best Bostitch Heavy Duty Stapler How To Load deals, Sourcing the right Bostitch Heavy Duty Stapler How To Load supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. The Bostitch heavy duty stapler is designed to handle a broad variety of different stapling needs. ... For optimum performance use Bostitch® 3/8" Heavy Duty Premium Staples Product Details. Additionally, you can literally place a staple anywhere. Manual desktop staplers are most common in an office environment, but there are also electric staplers and heavy-duty staplers. Coil-fed pneumatic nailers (16 pages) Nail Gun Stanley ProSet XT1 Service Manual. T6 POWER TACKER. Bottom Loading, easy-slide full-stick staple load; Uses Stanley® TRA700 or Arrow® T-50® heavy duty staples ; The Heavy Duty Staple Gun is covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty Warranty Details. How do you refill a heavy duty stapler? Helpful. Staplers are an efficient way to bind paper together. Step 2 Pull out the remaining good staple clip and set it aside. Bostitch Heavy Duty Stapler Loading Instructions How-To Fix A Jammed Heavy-Duty Stapler. Step 5 Note the arrows that appear on the slide. Tool Details. Firmly grab the handle of the heavy-duty stapler. Learn More. Everyone knows how to load staples in a staple gun, but the brads can be a little tricky to load. Insert a new sheet of staples into the staple refill tray. Product Details. Heavy-duty staplers and manual desktop staplers work in the same way, but heavy-duty ones are usually larger and may have a handle on the front end. B900-BLK - Bostitch® Reduced Effort Flat Clinch Stapler, Black. This device has been a lifesaver for binding thick legal documents! RobMars. Breathable AntiJam™ magazine; Patented easy squeeze mechanism; Lightweight die-cast aluminum design ; Steel handle with overmolded rubber grip for comfort; Convenient bottom loading … Electronic Heavy-Duty Staplers. The Bostitch desk stapler on the other hand, requires opening the stapler to load staples. Ideal for insulation, plastic sheeting, roofing paper and moisture wrap. Heavy duty aircraft-aluminum housing for long-lasting, light-weight durability; Anti-jam mechanism saves time on the job; Delivers high power and deep penetration; Bottom loading easy-slide full-stick staple load; Uses Stanley® TRA700 series or Arrow® T-50® heavy duty staples ; The Heavy Duty Staple Gun With Hi/Lo is covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty Warranty Details. Staplers BTHT81393 - 3-Stick Hammer Tacker. Stanley Bostitch B8 Heavy Duty Plier Stapler (Gray) with 4 Boxes of 1/4" Staples Visit the Bostitch Office Store. Contact Bostitch. Learn More. This Bostitch stapler features Two Finger stapling by PaperPro that requires less force to easily staple up to 65 sheets. For heavy-duty staplers, place the staples facing upwards. As the arm slides up, it exposes the refill tray. Find your nearest Bostitch Service Center. Lower the stapler head to close it. Once you have found it, pull the feed tray out with your fingers. Learn More. Go. We bought Bostitch heavy-duty staples to use with this; other brands may work, but we didn't want to take a chance on compatibility. Need Repairs? Crown: 11 - 11mm. Learn about topics such as How to Load a Staple Gun, How to Staple a Booklet, How to Fix a Jammed Manual Stapler, and more with our helpful step-by-step instructions with photos and videos. Slide the latch back, and close the stapler. Heavy Duty PowerCrown™ Tacker ... Overmold: Jam Clearance: Tool Free: Magazine Capacity: 84: Magazine Loading: Bottom Load: Staple Crown: 7/16 in: Tool Weight: 1.9 lbs: Uses: House Wrap, Tar Paper. Parts. Staplers (0) BOSTITCH® heavy duty staple guns feature a lock for safe storage, steel construction for durability and a bottom-load magazine for improved performance. Learn More. Designed with quick-load magazine and tool-free jam clearing. For desktop staplers, the staples should face downwards. Step 4 Pull the slide away from the nail gun while keeping the slide latch lifted. This stapler can stand up to most normal everyday use. Requires different staple sizes based on capacity. On a top loading stapler, you'll have to pull the plastic sheath off the staple tray. On a top load stapler, you'll see the metal staple tray set inside the plastic. Length: 6 - 14mm. Need Repairs? Part of the Bostitch legend, our line of heavy-duty staplers are designed to handle your most demanding stapling jobs and provide a lifetime of precision performance. I believe I have used the Bostitch Heavy-Duty Stapler to staple more than what is required. Some types of heavy-duty staplers have a button toward the back of the base that will release this upper arm, while other models simply slide up. 10 people found this helpful. I have used the Bostitch Heavy-Duty Stapler to staple cardboard, plastic sheets, and copper sheets and so far, this heavy-duty stapler performed very well. Removing a jammed staple isn't very hard, but it does increase in difficulty with the size of the staples, and a heavy-duty stapler can have up to half-inch long staples. Fasmov Heavy Duty Stapler 240 Sheets High Capacity Easy to use. Buying Request Hub makes it simple, with just a few steps: post a Buying Request and when it’s approved, suppliers on our site can quote. For these staplers, use needle-nosed pliers rather than tweezers, as you would on a small stapler. This heavy-duty manual staple gun is perfect for tackling those everyday projects around the home or office. Follow the steps below to load nails into a Bostitch nail gun. Staple booklets, pamphlets and brochures in a flash. Check Price: Rapesco Heavy Duty Stapler, ECO HD-100 Powerful and strong desktop stapler. Blind rivet tool (24 pages) Nail Gun Stanley Bostitch N57C Original Instructions Manual. Comfortable soft-feel rubber handle grip. The B8 Xtreme Duty Plier Stapler offers you the legendary Bostitch B8 performance in a heavy duty plier stapler! Pry down on the screwdriver to pop the stapler head open. Say goodbye to frustrating staple jams. It is designed to use Bostitch BTA700 Series 1/4-in heavy-duty staples or Arrow T-50 heavy-duty staples. Learn More . Heavy-duty Stapler. Push the slide in until the loading latch clicks and catches. The heavy duty line of staplers only require that a tab be unhooked to slide the staple cavity out for reloading. BT110 - Heavy Duty Staple Gun. Contact Us. For example, it can go through jobs as small as two sheets all the way up to 215. First, flip your freshly printed document so the front and back cover is facing up and place it under the stapler head. Firmly grab the handle of the heavy-duty stapler. In other words, instead of pressing down, you’re actually squeezing the stapler with the hand. BTHT80278 - Reverse Squeeze Stapler. The B310HDS can handle those thick 130 page documents with surprising ease. To load a Bostitch stapler, pull the top section of the stapler away from the bottom section, squeeze the latch and pull it towards you. Fine wire lightweight staple; Top load magazine with cover/pusher that stays with the tool; Rugged design for heavy use with moveable, breathing core to prevent jamming ; Pass-by clinch so one staple will fasten various thickness applications; 3/8" crown; The Light-Duty Stapling Pliers is covered by our 1-7 Year Limited Warranty Warranty Details. Satisfactory performance. 1-800-556-6696 MON-FRI 8AM-5PM EST. No more Googling hacks about how to staple a spine of a document. Clear out any spent staples that remain in the staple tray and make sure the feed line is not jammed with bent staples. Step 2 Turn the nail gun upside down. The Arrow Workshop shows you how to load the Arrow Fastener T50 heavy duty staple gun, an American icon, and the No. Item # 764503 : OfficeMax # 21778881: Manufacturer # 1210 : color: Black/Gray length : … That is approximately 10 staples per day for 8 … Parts. The Bostitch Heavy-Duty Stapler can staple up to 130 pages using the 5/8” heavy gauge staples. That is due to the heavy-duty construction of the device. Framing nailers (38 pages) Nail Gun Stanley SD67 User Manual. Lay a stick of staples in the loading channel with the legs of the staples facing up. Top Hand Tools & Equipment. Here's a 21 second video to show you how to load brads. Great value tacker. The heavy duty stapler motor has a lifetime of at least 30,000 staples before wearing out. Rubber base pads protect work surface. Frequently Asked Questions. Uses heavy-duty Stanley Bostitch SB35 staples in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" leg lengths. Place new staples legs-down in the tray. 0 Comment Report abuse. How to Load Staples Into the Stanley Sharpshooter Stapler Ensure the handle safety is on and the handle is locked down. BOSTITCH® heavy duty staple guns feature a lock for safe storage, steel construction for durability and a bottom-load magazine for improved performance. Build quality & design seems less conducive to jamming than our office's previous heavy-duty stapler (a Swingline). Pry open the staple release head (where heavy-duty staples usually jam) by placing the flathead screwdriver in the slit where the staples come out. Step 1 Disconnect the nail gun from its power source. Staplers BTE550Z - Electric 2-in-1 Staple & Nail Gun. BTHT80277 - 4-in-1 Multi-Tacker . 0-2245 (B8 Heavy Duty Stapler) uses STH2115 Series Power Crown, 7/16" crown with a leg of 1/4" - 3/8" leg Staplers Learn everything you want about Staplers with the wikiHow Staplers Category. Release the loading latch at the end the stapler and pull the slide open. 4.5 out of 5 stars 23 ratings.

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