Do not fill the water reservoir over the 'max' limit, which increases pressure in the water jacket and damages the head gasket. We have got a new offer of Petrol in which you can avail Free Fuel on Purchasing Petrol, power, Diesel and TurboJet, thru HP Re-Fuel Loyalty Program such as HP Re-Fuel Card, Cardless, QR Code and … Petrol Price in Chennai Today (22 January 2021) Rs. Overloading the car with excessive luggage or passengers affects performance; the car has to work harder than it can handle, and efficiency drops dramatically. Listen for suspension noises - if there are unusual sounds, check for worn-out bushes and dampers. The additives in PoWer were also tested in the labs of Bajaj Auto and TVS Motors. Branded radiator flush-fluids could also be of use. Do not overtake on a blind turn, as oncoming traffic could catch you unawares. Do not load the boot to the roof if your car is a hatchback. Check for leaks in rubber hoses that connect the radiator and the engine. PoWer contains additives that not only removes existing deposits, but also prevents the formation of new ones. Combustion Chamber deposits in the combustion chamber lead to rise in pollution levels, octane requirement increase (ORI) and higher lubricant consumption. Check tread-depth regularly. Ensure the tyre pressure is according to the recommended figures. Besides getting the road in the glass area, one should also get the C-pillar of the car to obtain some perspective. A well-lubricated engine runs smoothly and consumes less fuel. Your car’s engine will run very normally with the mixture. Even though engine 2 has a higher hp/l than the stroked engine 3, niether is more advanced than the other. These deposits affect the functioning of the engine and therefore cause a drop in its performance. The Mercury 3.5hp outboard motor features a larger carburetor for increased performance features that set it apart from other outboards in the same class. CSIR-IICT carries out research in chemical sciences leading to innovative processes for a variety of products necessary for human welfare such as food, health, energy and environment. The Digital Incentive of 0.75% is applicable on all digital transactions viz Debit Card/Wallet/UPI/USSD etc at HPCL Retail Outlets. If the brake light in the car's dashboard flashes, check the brake fluid in the reservoir under the hood. Additive used in poWer, marketed by HPCL , has been tested in various international and national laboratories. Rotate all five tyres to ensure uniform wear, and get the wheels aligned after the rotation is completed. Children should not sit facing the rear on the front seat. A mixture of unleaded petrol and PoWer will not harm the engine in any way. “poWer” not only works for Port fuel injector engines but also works equally efficiently for GDI engines. Do not adjust your seat or steering while in motion. High-performance fuels can cost anywhere from 3-4% higher than normal fuels. Do not adjust your seat or steering while in motion. If the cracks have turned into holes, get them filled in and painted at an authorized service station. Change engine oil regularly, as prescribed in the manual. PoWer contains internationally tested and chemically safe and approved additives. Do not overtake on a blind turn, as oncoming traffic could catch you unawares. If it is low, check for leak marks behind every wheel. The test proves beyond doubt that PoWer results in superior performance of the engine, by keeping it cleaner and healthier over longer periods of time. Petrol Price Trend in Himachal Pradesh in August 2018. Branded radiator flush-fluids could also be of use. This ensures that the vehicle's engine remains free from deposits at all times resulting in continuous peak engine performance. Under-inflation aids handling but lowers fuel efficiency as the car grips better. Get your car polished professionally; detailing experts give a coat to the car's body shell. compare todays and tommorow Petrol price from Indian Oil,Bharat Petroleum,Hindustan Petroleum,Shell petrol and Essar Oil pumps in your city Bangalore. HP XP12000 Upg DKC Reman Power Supply : RMKT - XP 12000 Array - Upgrade $4,199.00 Get Discount Use newspaper to wipe water off the windshield. Keeping a constant speed on the highway greatly improves fuel efficiency. It was established that PoWer reduces intake valve deposits, ranking among the best performing petrol brands tested by the laboratory. Polishing the car once in a month will minimize corrosion. Very advanced engines have 'anti-knock sensor' which can easily adjust compression ratios. Available for purchase only at Industrybuying, this brand has carved a niche in the domain of agriculture, garden, and landscaping products. If it is low, check for leak marks behind every wheel. This is where you can tell if the numbers someone is telling you are real or not. However with the introduction of additised fuels, this disadvantage can be eliminated. Always drive in the right gear at the right rpm for the traffic conditions. When one buys a new vehicle, its fuel-port injectors, intake valves, as well as combustion chamber are completely free of deposits. The best option is to approach the car detailing people to get the interiors vacuumed, perfumed and waxed. I switched over to HP Power, which is Normal Octane Fuel but with Additives.

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