020 7923 5500 Staying physically active is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy. Each year, REP serves more than 28,000 students (kindergarten through fifth grade) from 60 elementary schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Leaders of the UK's leading mental health organisations, including Place2Be, have penned an open letter to frontline workers. Some of these activities may need to be adapted in line with current government guidance around non-essential contact. scotland@place2be.org.uk, Tel: Engage in non-contact activities that allow spacing of 6 feet between participants. Social distancing, or physical distancing, is the practice of allowing enough space between individuals to reduce the spread of disease. Attend one of our Recess Solutions Webinars on How to offer recess safely in the fall. KidsOutAndAbout.com provides over 250 ideas for making the most of your time together and avoid driving each other crazy. The playground’s maximum number of students is 135. Place2Be is offering free mental health training for teachers and school staff. Check Peaceful Playgrounds. Teach games that allow for physical distance. 07850 265681. Organise a Dress to Express day at your school, workplace or with friends. 6′ Distancing Playground Program a Covid-19 Recess Solution Flyer. “There’s a lot of research to support the impact of physical activity on behavior during non-covid times,” she says. Further, YouTube is a great resource for kid-friendly workouts, including ones from our HealthWorks! The activities can be played on any playground and work nicely with the COVID-Playground since they were being developed so that no equipment is required. Recently … A feel-good roundup of creative and random activities people are doing while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. During the Covid-19 Shelter in Place order, most Americans did in fact stay home. As we have transitioned out of the Covid-19 restrictions, it is still necessary to maintain a 6-foot distance from others in most situations. Access our free articles, guides and templates to help childcare providers … Our Recess Enhancement Program (REP) addresses barriers to physical activity by reclaiming the most underutilized part of the school day — recess. Safe behaviors posters include: Wear a mask, wash your hands with soap and water, don’t touch your face, etc. You can sit back and watch your students scatter over and over again—just hope that the students with the most energy… The ideas below can be helpful for all pupils, but particularly if they are finding changes unsettling. A range of short activities to explore kindness. In light of the evolving situation around coronavirus (COVID-19), some teachers may be looking for activities to boost pupils’ wellbeing. Avoid close contact. Pop icon Billy Ocean and the Young Voices Choir have released a new recording of the Bill Withers’ classic ‘Lovely Day’. Clearly marked spot for active players, with separate marked spots for students waiting to enter a game. It is already clear that the mental health effects of the pandemic are … Recess also helps students practice social skills such as cooperation, following rules, problem-solving, negotiation, sharing, and communication. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. To support outdoor learning opportunities in your community, contact advocacy organizations like Outdoors Alliance for Kids and the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative. INTENDED USE IS FOR SMARTPHONE, IPAD,  GOOGLE CHROME PAD, OR ANDROID DEVICES. The activities can be played on any playground and work nicely with the COVID-Playground since they were being developed so that no equipment is required. Below are examples of some of the safety requirements to maintain 6-foot social distancing but enjoyment in-game playing: Do you have a Peaceful Playgrounds Site License from one of our other products? A new Covid-19 distancing playground was released for K-8 schools that maintains 6' distancing guildelines required for safety. Kids will need recess more than ever when returning to school post-coronavirus. PLEASE NOTE:  THESE ARE DIGITAL PRODUCTS AND MUST BE DOWNLOADED. During the Shelter in Place order, I began creating a Covid-19 playground and tried to think through all the challenges and obstacles that must be addressed in order to maintain the 6’ Distancing Guidelines. Call us for our discount for Site License Holders. How can principals incorporate COVID-19 lessons into recess next school year? In order to offer a safe recess experience for students, 4 guidelines should be implemented, according to Dr. Bossenmeyer. 020 7923 5581 Activities and resources (including videos and stories) on the theme of bravery. Keep hands clean. Have them choose their own music and dance along. SHAPE America is dedicated to supporting health education and physical education teachers across the country as schools implement reopening plans and continue effective instruction through the school year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus: wellbeing activity ideas for schools In light of the evolving situation around coronavirus (COVID-19), some teachers may be looking for activities to boost pupils’ wellbeing. enquiries@place2be.org.uk, Tel: Supervising recess has been necessary for the past, but it has become more important as we go forward. 35 One-Pan Meals Just Right for Dinner Tonight One pan, pot, skillet, or Instant Pot is all you need to for these no-fuss family dinners, including salmon, pasta, pot roast, chili, and so much more. White dots represent active players in playing zones. Critical for health, well-being. program. Photo: iStockphoto . 30+ Fun Fall Activities You Can Still Do During Coronavirus or … Between each zone can be labeled six feet apart as well. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) recommend keeping at least 6 feet (2 meters) of space between yourself and people outside your household to meet these goals. By having … If you end up in a playground during a busy rush, it's impossible to properly disinfect all the surfaces your child will touch. Place2Be is a charity registered in England and Wales (1040756) and Scotland (SC038649), a Company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (02876150), registered office: 175 St. John Street, London, England, EC1V 4LW. Copyright 2015-2017 Peaceful Playgrounds | All Rights Reserved, Peaceful Playgrounds Jogging/Walking Track, Low Cost, High Activity Playground Training, Playground Games and Strategies for Improving Recess. Because of the way COVID-19 is transmitted person to person, experts advise that groups spend as much time outside as possible. In addition to the COVID wedding ideas and resources below, ... For those wondering how to plan a wedding during COVID, we’ve got you covered. The new partnership looks to address ‘the hidden mental health crisis of the Covid generation’. ACTIVE Network. Rules have been modified in some cases and must be communicated clearly with students. All 9 Activity Zones will accommodate 16-18 Students counting those waiting in line on a dot. It stated schools should consider staggering lunch by class, segregate lunch,  and assign classes to recess areas.” Please note. Email: This website, launched by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, provides quality-assured resources for primary schools. Will download as PDF. All activities are appropriate for the COVID-19 environment, as well as after the pandemic passes. Freeze bell should be implemented for entering and exiting playground procedures. Practice hand-washing at home with your child and explain why it's important to … No instructions necessary—most kids know exactly what to do with free art time. For this reason, some people believe that schools may need to cancel recess. scotland@place2be.org.uk, Tel: They can run, jump, swim, skip, crawl or dance to the • Nerf basketball, indoor obstacle courses, paper plate badminton (use paper plates to bat at balloons). Email: Aug 8, 2020 - This pack of indoor recess games includes thirteen independent games and partner games that have been specially designed for social distancing within the classroom! Email: Educators can/should intentionally plan recesses that enable kids to play while meeting expectations for social or physical distance. 2. Update and how to get in touch with Place2Be. Originally published for Children’s Mental Health Week 2020. (Also appropriate for Physical Education Activities). This set of digital files represents 350 activity cards following 16 sets of cards. In many areas, people can visit parks, trails, and open spaces as a way to relieve stress, get some fresh air, and stay active. Opportunities for free play, to engage in physical activity, and to practice social skills are especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unless otherwise stated, all the options below have ideas for both primary and secondary age groups. August 12, 2020. A dance party is a great way to start off the day! Please visit our Coronavirus: Updates page for our latest advice and guidance for schools, parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental health. Our publisher, Debra Ross, says, "Some of the best parenting advice I ever received was: 'When it rains, play in the rain.' Email: press@place2be.org.uk Coronavirus ECE Blog. Activities to help children and young people understand the connection between physical and mental health. Sixteen is the target number for each activity zone, assuming that ½ of the students in a typical class of 32 students, will attend school at one time. Susie Allison, creator of Busy Toddler, has suggestions for how to fill the day if your kids are home because of coronavirus concerns. Whether you’re just engaged and planning from the start, looking for logistical help on how to postpone, or hosting a safe and small minimony now with a big celebration down the road, our tools for planning a wedding during COVID make it all easy. Appropriate for indoors or outdoors alike. With many parks and activity facilities closed due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC, your community may be wondering what they can safely do to stay active? 020 7923 5581 However, that is not the case in most situations. The card sets include Exercise cards, yoga cards, and brain breaks. Physical Activity Opportunities in Schools : New and Old Favorites. There are 9 Activity Zones on this newly created playground space. There are ways of making the best out of any situation, this one included. 020 7923 5500 Keep your child at least 6 feet away from others who don’t live with them and … Game zones are made to accommodate just a few students so the six feet rule is easily met and everyone can still have enough space to enjoy themselves. Great also for distance learning. The pandemic provides an opportunity to rethink how schools support children’s social connections and opportunities for informal play and recreation. Originally published for Children’s Mental Health Week 2017. General Enquiries: 020 7923 5500 1. The 6’ Distancing Playground is a modified outdoor space so that children can maintain the 6-foot distancing guidelines when supervised properly by school staff. In fact, 97% of educators say that their school plans to offer recess in this fall during Webinar Training on “How to plan for a safe COVID-19 playground experience”. Below are considerations for recess. The pack of activities includes 2 layouts for a Kindergarten or preschool playground specifically. Appropriate for indoors or outdoors alike. 951-245-6970, Perfect for Recess, PE or Distance Learning with google classroom for the COVID Environment. Choose from one of the search categories below to get started. These kinds of outdoor initiatives are especially important during COVID-19 when access to education and access to food is more limited. Out of hours: This guidance was developed to help schools and child care programs (public, private, and family settings) implement infection prevention measures to protect children and staff health during recess, physical activity, and playground use during community transmission of COVID-19. The following safe outdoor activities can be shared with your community members as … The card sets include Movement cards, choice cards, brain breaks, exercise cards, alphabet movement cards, and multiple activities for a circle. Free mental health training for school staff, Getting ready to start secondary or high school, Transition from counselling adults to children, Coronavirus: wellbeing activity ideas for schools. During an outdoor recess, you can create groups of children to stay in their groups and play in a created 'game zone'. Find out more about our Covid-19 Distancing Playground. Originally published for Children’s Mental Health Week 2018. All they need is lots of paper (you can even retrieve some from the recycling bin), colored pencils, crayons, markers, and paint. Activities to explore what makes us special and unique. We have a … Set up a treasure hunt. Treasure hunts are pretty easy and depending on how many items there are, … Experiencing lots of "family togetherness" during the Coronavirus pandemic? I’d love to hear about them! The ideas below can be helpful for all pupils, but particularly if they are finding changes unsettling. Why do I need this pack?Everything has changed due to an inability to pass materials back and forth right now. A great resource for google classroom as well. All the resources here are cornerstones of the program. Schools across the country are closing due to COVID-19. Originally published for Children’s Mental Health Week 2019. I want to do a roundup post on games of all sorts that could be good to play during this time. press@place2be.org.uk, Place2Be175 St John StClerkenwellLondonEC1V 4LW, General Enquiries: enquiries@place2be.org.uk, Place2BeRobertson House152 Bath StreetGlasgowG2 4TB, Tel: To maintain suggested social distancing, it is recommended that schools assign each separate class to a different activity zone each day so that students do not wander around the playground forgetting about social distancing. Kids can continue to have access to play during the school day when they are at home. The pack of activities includes 2 layouts for a small space or activity zone. Free resources now available for schools, families, and youth groups. Email: We've created resources to help headteachers and school staff bring their schools back together. 10 Rainy Day Activities for Indoor Recess and P.E. Lauren McNamara, Pasi Sahlberg June 4, 2020. All activities are appropriate for the COVID-19 environment as well as after the pandemic passes. COVID-19 Resources For Childcare Centers, Preschools & Parents. Kid Yoga is also great and helps teach kids about paying attention to their bodies and how they’re feeling. Limiting physical … 020 7923 5500 Prepare for virtual game facilitation. School leaders globally are tasked with the unenviable challenge of planning for school … It did not say eliminate recess. The license is for single school site staff use. Email: Students assigned to an activity zone for the recess period which rotates to new zones daily. If any of you have games you’re playing or want to see posted, let me know! Safe Outdoor Activities During COVID-19; Safe Outdoor Activities During COVID-19. This set of digital files represents 252 activity cards consisting of 16 sets of cards. With feedback and support from the childcare community, HiMama has compiled these resources to help childcare centers, teachers and families make the most of these uncertain times to continue providing great care for our children. Students should not wait in line to play a game unless they are standing on a dot. On May 19, 2020, CDC Advisory called “Considerations for Schools,” it clarified how to modify recess and lunch during the Covid-19 Distancing requirements.

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