#498 Tepig evolves into Pignite. Tepig is a Fire Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Ground, Rock and Water moves. Emboar's strongest moveset is Low Kick & Focus Blast and it has a Max CP of 2,982. It is vulnerable to Fire, Flying, Poison, Bug and Ice moves. The Tepig has been added to Pokemon GO with the Shiny version already unlocked. Movesets for Singles What is a good competitive moveset for Pignite?These builds have been optimized for Pokemon competing in Sun/Moon Single Battles. Once players evolve Pignite by using 100 Tepig Candies, the best moveset for Emboar has it knowing Low Kick for its fast move and Focus Blast for its charge move. Base stats Meganium is a Grass Pokémon which evolves from Bayleef. Finally, you can evolve a Pignite into an Emboar by spending 100 candies. Roxie then gave Pignite a Pecha Berry, curing him of the poison before sending out her strongest Pokémon, Garbodor. Speaking of Tepig evolution, it can evolve into a Pignite by spending 25 candies. However, Pignite was able to go on and unleash a Fire Pledge on Scolipede, defeating it. Tepig's strongest moveset is Ember & Flamethrower and it has a Max CP of 1,083. It grows a beard of fire." About "It loves to eat roasted berries, but sometimes it gets too excited and burns them to a crisp." Tepig is first in its family and its Moveset are quite amazing and you need to take care of how you will handle the Pokemon that has a weakness against it. PP Effect % — Tackle: 50: 100: 35--A physical attack in which the user charges and slams into the target with its whole body. It is the only Fire-type with both Superpower and Wild Charge, as well as the only Pokemon of the type to learn Head Smash. Emboar is a Fire & Fighting Pokémon which evolves from Pignite. Meganium's strongest moveset is Vine Whip & Frenzy Plant and it has a Max CP of 2,410. It is vulnerable to Flying, Ground, Psychic and Water moves. National Pokedex No. About "It has mastered fast and powerful fighting moves. It has a good Attack stat, with passable Speed that can be boosted with Flame Charge. Further, the evolution of Tepig happens into Pignite starting at level 17. As Pignite tried to finish the match with another Flamethrower, Scolipede dodged and used Toxic on Pignite, badly poisoning him. It is also known as Pokabu in Japanese and as Fire Pig Pokémon in general. All of this means that Tepig may not be the best choice, but it can work if your team is in need of a physical Fire-type attacker. The movesets and EVs have been specifically calibrated to deal the most amount of damage to the largest group of potentially common opponents and typing threats for the Sun/Moon generation metagame. Att. ABOUT TEPIG. Black/White/Black 2/White 2 Level Up: Level Attack Name Type Cat. Pignite (Japanese: チャオブー Chaobuu) is a Fire/Fighting-type Generation V Pokémon which made its debut in Pokémon Black and White. Pokédex entry for #498 Tepig containing stats, moves learned, evolution chain, location and more! Acc. Base stats

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