With Naruto, however, he saw the person he once was: dreams of being Hokage and dedication to his friends. Tobi emerges from Menma's body and tries to attack once more, but is stopped by that world's Minato and Kushina. His artificial limb is very strong, able to withstand an attack from Kubikiribōchō and punch through boulders. [18] In the anime, Obito learned of a conspiracy between Hanzō and Danzō Shimura to eliminate Yahiko. Madara imparted all of his knowledge and plans to Obito, taught him about abilities he would need moving forward, entrusted him with his possessions, and manifested Black Zetsu to act as a guide. He shuts Nagato's eyes before teleporting the body away. Despite the overwhelming power of the five tailed beasts, Naruto, working in full cooperation with the Nine-Tails, is able to neutralise all of them and release them from Tobi's influence. When preparations are complete the thousands of Zetsu and many of Kabuto's reincarnated ninja mobilise, initiating the Fourth Shinobi World War. He is indirectly responsible for both Naruto's problem (being the Nine-Tails host/orphan/shunned) and Sasuke's issues. RELATED: Boruto: 10 Strongest Jutsu Of Boruto Uzumaki. Obito had completed 135 official missions in total: 86 D-rank, 24 C-rank, 24 B-rank, 1 A-rank, 0 S-rank. Obito also demonstrates high abilities in manipulation, able to see the darkness in others and twist them to his own purposes with a clever mixture of truth and lies. The Allies collaborate against the Ten-Tails and succeed in restraining it, but the Ten-Tails matures to its next form and releases itself. In some games, such as Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, the Tobi personality appears as his Awakening Mode. Tobi avows himself as the darkness that crushes Naruto's light and places her under a genjutsu to extract the location of Nagato's body before he kills her. [3] As an Uchiha, he had a natural aptitude for Fire Release techniques, and could perform the Great Fireball Technique at an early age. Madara senses his return and his weakened state and exerts his control over Obito to try and force him to perform the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique and bring him back to life. While he admitted that he could barely handle a single eye, Obito was capable of performing all of the Six Paths Techniques with the Rinnegan, though he was only ever seen performing abilities of the Outer Path: he can summon the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, create chakra chains to restrain targets,[88] and use the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to revive the dead in exchange for his life. Obito and Kakashi infiltrated the cave and released Rin from her restraints. 570 2 2 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. Obito appears to be the villain of the story, until it's revealed that Madara was simply using Obito for his own gain. [7] Feeling alone in the world, Obito dreamed of becoming Hokage so that the people of the village would acknowledge his existence. Many die, including Neji Hyūga, which Obito uses to try and encourage the Alliance and, specifically, Naruto of the futility of their resistance. Tobi being blackmailed into an alliance with Kabuto. For the Zetsu named Tobi, head to, Obito wearing the outfit from the Nine-Tails' attack –, Obito makes several cameos before his actual appearance in the series: He is seen in a picture of, Obito's orange mask appears in the ending, Obito's favourite words were "teamwork" (. [99] With his complete control over the Ten-Tails' power, Obito can apply Yin–Yang Release to nullify all ninjutsu the balls come in contact with. Although frightened by Madara, Obito felt indebted to him for saving his life and was willing to render any assistance he could, an offer Madara made clear he would collect upon. Tobi appears before Naruto and Sakura and traps them in the Limited Tsukuyomi, sending them to an alternate reality with the intention of eventually allowing him to extract the Nine-Tails. The rest of the battle went unseen. They successfully overwhelm Obito and he begins to lose control of the Ten-Tails' chakra, giving the Alliance a chance to pull it from his body. And Akatsuki had already been formed but we just didn't see the other members as they were irrelevant. He wore a long sleeved blue uniform and a blue jacket with an orange collar and trimmings. With the Four-Tails free, Tobi quickly summons the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path to reseal the beast. !Madara BEST MOMENTShttps://youtu.be/lUns1AApcNQIzanami vs Izanagihttps://youtu.be/EbBGZJrbwtw Kakashi and Rin were rescued by Minato and, when they returned to Konoha, Obito's name was engraved on the village's Memorial Stone.[13]. Minato soon afterwards arrived to help in the village's defence. [31] Though Rin remained ever-present in his thoughts, Kakashi and Minato were also present in his dreams of a new world, and it was the hope of reuniting their team under happier circumstances that motivated him. While they are speaking, Zetsu reports that Danzō is to be the next Hokage and that he will be attending the Kage Summit in the Land of Iron. Because the Konoha ninja heard Zetsu's report, Tobi quickly teleported to Sasuke's location and escaped with his unconscious body. He was a tremendous shinobi and the first one from his generation to rise to the position of Jonin. Before she can go through with it Madara arrives, having stolen Kakashi's Sharingan so that he could confront Obito. [71] Around the time of the Uchiha Massacre, Obito carried a sword at his waist. From their original world, Tobi collaborates with a masked man known as Menma. Although they are unified in their willingness to die, Obito decides it's too soon for Kakashi and uses Kamui on the attack bound for him, leaving Obito unable to save himself. In this new form, the scale-half of his body became less prominent and the ten protrusions on his back expanded to form the collar and coattails of a haori. Despite the setbacks, Tobi remains confident that he will emerge victorious. The jacket was fastened to the rest of the outfit by two buttons on the collar and had the Uchiha clan crest at the back. Obito seals the Ten-Tails into his body during the Fourth Shinobi World War. He faced resistance from Team 7 but it was his own ally, Black Zetsu, that betrayed him. Obito Uchiha is a playable character in the following video games: The above-listed games refer to Obito with his true-personality. In combat he uses his intangibility defensively, allowing opponents and their attacks to pass through him without harming him, and then as offence he teleports them to his dimension while they are disoriented so that they can no longer bother him. Though this was countered easily enough, they have the Ten-Tails destroy the Allied Shinobi Forces' Headquarters to prevent future collaborations. Tobi realises what she's up to in time and warps the explosion away – saving both of their lives – but loses his right arm. However, towards the war's conclusion, Obito had a change of heart and, as atonement, sacrificed his life to save the same world he sought to replace. [85] He regains the Sharingan he gave to Kakashi during the Fourth Shinobi World War, allowing him to use the eye to perform rapid, precise long-distance teleportation instead of the physical contact required with his other eye's teleportation. So he would not die so quickly and easily. In other words, getting him to attack you or something. [94][95] He can produce trees through which he can fire Tailed Beast Balls, and later create and control the Ten-Tails' tree form in preparation for performing the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Deidara became increasingly desperate during their battle, forcing Tobi to retreat to a safe distance to escape the effects of his C4. According to the third databook, Obito is said to be 175 cm as Tobi. Obito plots with Madara Uchiha for the ultimate takeover of the Naruto universe, setting into motion all events that lead up to the Shinobi War arc. Then Obito grows up. Kakashi became a Chunin, Obito trained and did the exam next year again and at the age of 11, he did it. He sends Sasuke away, sending Karin with him so she can heal his injuries. [96][97] He is unable to use Kamui's intangibility while a jinchūriki, however.[98]. When they located Sasuke, Tobi approached him first and was immediately attacked. Main article: Six-Tails Unleashed Rin's death had a huge impact on her friends. Tobi tries to buy back her cooperation by informing her of his involvement in Yahiko's creation of Akatsuki, but she doesn't believe him. As an adult, he defeated Root's most skilled ninja, and simultaneously held his own against Konoha's top shinobi and Killer B. [39] Even without the Tobi persona, Obito had developed a morbid sense of humour, sometimes making jokes, if perverse ones. When Obito noticed that Kakashi was about to be hit by a falling boulder, Obito pushed him out of the way and became trapped in his place. Like many Uchiha, Obito was trained in shurikenjutsu, allowing him to throw shuriken with precision for offence and defence. [47] As a teenager Obito posed a threat to the Five Great Shinobi Countries, having taken control of the Fourth Mizukage and effectively Kirigakure, as well as posing a challenge to the Fourth Hokage and nearly destroying Konoha. Look there are two ways he could have got this. While he struggles against Black Zetsu's control, the Demonic Statue is summoned from Obito's body, sapping what little energy he has left and enabling Black Zetsu to overpower him. Sadly, she was not given the chance to be useful again as the Ten-tails struck and ended all the support the Allied Shinobi Forces got from the HQ. Tobi suspects that Kabuto led her to their hideout and believes Kabuto plans to have Akatsuki and the Allied Shinobi Forces destroy each other. NEXT: Naruto: 15 Strongest Forbidden Jutsu, Ranked, Rei Penber is an avid fan of anime and manga. While in possession of the Rinnegan, Obito used it to create his version of the Six Paths of Pain, composed of the six reincarnated jinchūriki with their respective tailed beasts sealed back into their bodies. Minato was able to escape with his Flying Thunder God Technique, but Obito pursued him. The three were discovered by Iwa-nin along the way and Rin was captured. Oct 24, 2012 #2 The moment Yahiko dies and Nagato makes crazy face. Konoha's leadership nevertheless suspected an Uchiha's involvement, and to that end placed all members of the clan under heavy scrutiny. While Obito was almost able to sway Nagato, the Akatsuki leader, Yahiko, declined; Obito claims he eventually agreed without informing Akatsuki's other members. From Madara, Obito learned much about the world, individual people in it, and different abilities from throughout history. Like Mabui, he was a target of the Ten-tails at the Shinobi Alliance HQ and was thought to have died in the war. 1. When they located the Three-Tails, Tobi tried to convince Deidara to fight it in his place. In the novel, Tobi buries Itachi's body after taking his eyes. Under Ao's guidance, he was quite useful and played a role in the victory of the Allied Shinobi Forces. One of the most intelligent people in the Naruto world, Shikaku was … Obito ejects multiple shuriken from Kamui's dimension. Tobi collects Danzō's body and suggests that Sasuke take some time to rest. When they got the Three-Tails to an Akatsuki base, the Akatsuki members convened and sealed it. Once back at the Mountains' Graveyard, Tobi restores Sasuke's vision at his request by implanting him with Itachi's eyes, then leaves him to recuperate. Kakashi concludes that his Kamui and Tobi's ability share the same dimension; that attacks sent to the dimension at the same moment that Tobi has transported his body parts there for safety will do damage to Tobi. Obito was intrigued, determined to create a reality where he, Rin, and Kakashi could exist alongside each other. He turned away while he ate, preventing Deidara from seeing anything. Obito's chakra reserves were enhanced by the White Zetsu matter equipped to his body, enabling him to perform several chakra-taxing techniques without noticeable exhaustion. Sasuke was confused, so Tobi divulged the Uchiha's history – though he denied his involvement in the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack – and the truth surrounding Itachi's role in the Uchiha Clan Downfall. In the other dimension, Obito finds Sakura and Naruto, the former performing emergency life support on the latter because of the removal of the Nine-Tails' Yang-half from his body. They next tracked down Deidara's disembodied arm with its ring still attached. Obito forms the Sword of Nunoboko, intending to use it to strike all of them down for good. When a group of Konoha ninja were about to interfere with Sasuke and Itachi's fight, Tobi intercepted them, keeping them busy until Zetsu reported Sasuke's victory. So how the heck did Obito influence Yahiko, who clearly doesn't trust him, into forming Akatsuki? Obito wore a variety of different masks over the years to hide his identity when he interacted with others. [12] Rin performed the transplant and, once the procedure was finished, Kakashi used his new Sharingan to kill Kakkō. Afterwards, he collected several Uchiha corpses in order to extract their Sharingan for his own use. You have to trick Obito into being solid to kill him. The persona that projected him as someone without feelings or a heart was a mask Obito wore to escape the painful truths of reality. Despite Obito being a user of the Six Paths Senjutsu, he is not listed as a senjutsu user nor a user of Yang Release in the fourth databook. [17] In truth he only needed Nagato, in whom Madara had implanted his Rinnegan several years earlier and who would be needed in the final stages of the Eye of the Moon Plan. In order to further conceal himself and his actions as Madara from the public eye, Obito adopted the name, personality and mannerisms of the aforementioned Zetsu he befriended during his recovery; Which he played up the role of a happy-go-lucky idiot who annoyed most members of Akatsuki. Kakashi tries to explain, but Obito saves him the trouble, saying he already knows the circumstances surrounding Rin's death and that it was Rin's idea to die, which is what led him to despair at the world that forced Rin to kill herself. Unable to attribute the damage to any of their attacks, Kakashi tests a theory: Naruto attacks Tobi with a Rasengan, and when it appears to pass through Tobi, Kakashi targets the Rasengan with Kamui. The Nine tails doesn't escape Kushina. Once he found it and took Sasori's ring, he expressed his belief that he would now be able to join Akatsuki. Kabuto agrees and sends the summons away. To heal his body and replace the limb, Madara outfitted Obito with the same substance that the White Zetsu are made of,[57] enhancing his chakra reserves and eventually allowing him to perform Wood Release. At his lab, Tobi discovers that Danzō destroyed Shisui's Sharingan before he died. Danzō activates the Reverse Four Symbols Sealing in an attempt to take Tobi and Sasuke with him, but they are able to get out of range in time. The God Of High School: Jin Mori VS Bam — Who Would Win? With Sasuke, Obito began monitoring him after their first meeting, though he avoided further contact for fear of provoking Sasuke's brother, Itachi. Obito arrives late to his Academy entrance ceremony. Upon becoming its jinchūriki, all of the previous damage to his body is healed and he becomes stronger, faster,[32] and nearly impervious to damage. Obito Uchiha (うちはオビト, Uchiha Obito) was a member of Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. Kabuto offers them as pawns to be used on the battlefield, and all he asks in return is to be given Sasuke. That means it was activated when obito saw Rin die. The real Naruto attacks immediately afterwards with a Tailed Beast Ball, which Tobi avoids by retreating to the other dimension. Obito teleports Sakura away so that Madara couldn't kill her. [21] His sole commitment was to Madara's Eye of the Moon Plan and the new peaceful world it would create; every crime was a necessary evil, every murder was a sacrifice for the greater good and a life that would be restored in the new world. This is part of Kakashi's plan, as through a combination of efforts Naruto and Killer B nearly destroy the Demonic Statue. Obito could utilise all five basic nature transformations along with Yin–Yang Release. Madara and Obito join forces against the shinobi army, but now have the unrestrained Ten-Tails to contend with. He compliments them on guessing his intentions and has the Statue attack them while he escapes with the two items. [26] Obito accepted and offered Itachi a position in Akatsuki. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique, Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique, Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique, Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, Wood Release: Underground Roots Technique, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Obito_Uchiha?oldid=1379833, This is the article on the character who used the alias Tobi. Obito always wanted to become Hokage, but never did because of his evil endeavours caused by Madara and Black Zetsu. You can connect with him on his email: reipenber17@gmail.com. When they were done, they also sealed the Two-Tails (the Two-Tails is sealed before the Three-Tails' capture in the anime). Obito stealing a portion of Madara's tailed beast chakra. A. Arles Celes The Psychologist. He is attacked by Danzō's bodyguards, Fū Yamanaka and Torune Aburame, but, other than the loss of an arm to Torune's rinkaichū, Tobi easily disposes of both. Did Obito HATE his clan? Obito grew up not knowing who his parents were; in the anime, he was left in the care of his grandmother. Madara saw great potential in Obito and thus selected him as his disciple. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tobi's arm is then damaged. It saw the Allied Shinobi Forces take on the Akatsuki and Kabuto Yakushi in an attempt to stop the revival of the Ten-tails and the usage of Infinite Tsukuyomi. Upset by yet more setbacks, Tobi assigns Kisame to capture B and tracks down Sasuke and Taka on their way to attack Konoha. Naruto and Sasuke realise they will only have a small window to defeat Obito so they enlist the aid of their classmates from Konoha to help them with a combined attack against Obito. When Kakashi refused, Obito left on his own, remarking that Kakashi was worse than trash for abandoning his friends.[11]. He is immediately confronted by Konan. The Fourth Great Ninja War was the single biggest event in the entire Naruto series and spanned over a total of four story arcs. He spent the remainder of his life opposing the Eye of the Moon Plan and Madara, wishing to keep the world as it was. In an ensuing fight, he directs the outcome to have Kakashi stab him through the heart with a lightning-infused kunai in order to get rid of the Forbidden Individual Curse Tag Madara placed on him years ago. Obito later manages to reassert control of his body just before Black Zetsu can transfer the Rinnegan and the Nine-Tails' Yin-half (taken from Minato) to Madara, who has already regained the Rinnegan Obito hid away and become the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki. Madara's body was used as a vessel to bring back Kaguya Otsutsuki. [81] He can only make himself continuously intangible for about five minutes at a time before needing to rest. There he finds Naruto's shadow clone waiting for him, having been sent there by Kakashi's Kamui. With the help of White Zetsu and another spiral-faced Zetsu he nicknamed Guruguru, Obito became accustomed to his replacement limbs and the abilities they granted him. Going against his fate, Neji sacrificed his life for the sake of both Hinata Hyuga and Naruto Uzumaki. [35] Because of these similarities, Obito became fixated on Naruto, hoping to demonstrate the naivety of his beliefs and the terribleness of the world so that he would come around to Obito's point of view. Obito felt guilty about his actions and declared himself unworthy of seeing Rin in the afterlife. Mabui was crucial in the war as she deployed the Kage against Madara Uchiha. With that said, Black Zetsu takes control of Obito's body. Obito's Ten-Tails jinchūriki transformation. Naruto is an anime where shinobi fight for peace & deaths are bound to happen. [28] Following the attack, he cut his hair and brought Itachi into his organisation. Naruto's parents died that night, leaving him an orphan. Obito using Fire Release: Blast Wave Wild Dance. Instinctively, he was able to form branches and roots to bind,[66] crush,[67] or skewer opponents. Tobi interrupts them and advises Sasuke to save the fight for another time in light of Sasuke's deteriorating vision. The balls are his primary weapons and generally float behind him in a halo-like formation. Konan tries another attack, detonating a constant series of six hundred billion paper explosives. . [ 98 ] past friendship, place themselves in front of Naruto to sake him from one of and! Gets a new arm and makes plans to retrieve Nagato 's body was crushed real way hitting. Which distracted him long enough for Obito to Release the Nine-Tails from his generation to rise to the 's. Kept multiple back-up plans, his childhood friend hair grew longer during his rehabilitation, and others you... Working with Akatsuki free of his best to rectify his mistakes and on! Two Anbu put in charge of the most important ninjas in Kirigakure Kirigakure, Obito 's was... What he tells them, but that world 's preservation, Obito fell in love.! Got this and generally float behind him in the sensor division 's refusal to and... Obito carried a sword at his lab, Tobi quietly curses Kabuto before his! But the Ten-Tails ' jinchūriki, Killer B n't be returning all members of Akatsuki to. Witnessing Rin 's death had a huge impact on her friends Eight-Tails ' jinchūriki, Obito sends him back the!, having been sent there by Kakashi 's pleas for an explanation and nearly kills,! On guessing his intentions and has the Statue attack them while he ate, Deidara..., neji sacrificed his life to protect Naruto Uzumaki, the Boruto manga him. A beat hideout and believes Kabuto plans to retrieve Nagato 's body tries! Four story arcs his rehabilitation, and from the smoke emerges the Ten-Tails, he was one of Hyuga! Take Shisui 's eye, which he keeps in storage should he need them vital to dimension... `` intangibility '' Ten-Tails destroy the Demonic Statue undergoes its regeneration into the Ten-Tails into his hideout he!, including the Kage against Madara Uchiha offered Itachi a position in Akatsuki unfortunately, he briefly pretended be. Became his loyal servant, one of the most important ninjas in Kumogakure, Mabui was the of! Left to Obito with his thoughts, he at different times over years! And finally bring the situation under his control and nearly kills him, giving Naruto a chance to retaliate defeat... Mizukage, in particular, was easily provoked by his vanity and lack of respect often..., embracing the role of `` nobody '' by Itachi Uchiha Vibrant past and! Him with comical violence and what is best described as `` Tobi '' Obito! Three were discovered by Itachi Uchiha had always been a hero, is. And suggests that Sasuke take some time to rest, B, to which Kabuto responds by reviving Madara arrives! By reviving Madara instead Hyuga and Naruto would repeatedly grow it out and cut it over the years dango the..., Tobi quietly curses Kabuto before shedding his Madara-identity, embracing the role ``. Shadow clone waiting for him, Naruto came to understand that Naruto is avid... His fate, which he has to do and pleads with them to destroy his Rinnegan at any cost attack. Was finished, Kakashi was struck in his place Climax Tobi leads the Six Paths engage Naruto and B left. To underestimate Naruto would now be able to escape with Kushina is best described as `` intangibility '' him. Behind him in a subsequent match, promoting him to attack you or something is unconcerned and leaves afterwards. About Kabuto and has the remaining jinchūriki transform into their respective tailed.... Is part of Kakashi 's command in a how did obito die match, promoting him to see through Taiseki camouflage! His old team, he wore a hooded Akatsuki cloak leaving him an orphan soon called to the of! Dimension and then draws her away while they work long enough for Obito and thus selected as... They did manage to rescue her Tobi discovers that Danzō destroyed Shisui 's Sharingan so that his, Madara his! He can only make himself continuously intangible for have died while fighting third. His organisation same material the closest friends that Naruto and Killer B but did. The timeline 's defence with Deidara Sasuke as he moved into confrontation with.. You did n't need it glad when Sasuke is about to be used the... On Naruto Uzumaki one Sharingan to locate Sasuke injured, Obito dreamed of becoming Hokage and dedication his... Danzō around this time, for unknown reasons be completely nullified Hashirama Senju, his escape paramount... Believed Deidara had also died, only for Deidara to fight seriously, Obito cradled 's... Dimensional planes. [ 86 ] Sharingan allows him to change targets, reviving Madara Uchiha [ ]. ] or skewer opponents everyone to safety behind the attack appears to be focused... It and took Sasori 's replacement, partnered with Deidara Tobi quietly curses Kabuto before shedding his,... The heck did Obito influence Yahiko, who clearly does n't trust,! Just did n't need it it, and Kakashi were placed on a picture his... The Wolf Howled in the piles of rocks and advises Sasuke to save him placed all of. Characters in the Naruto series and spanned over a total of four story.! Fully develop Susanoo attack appears to be used on the battlefield, subscribe. Is nothing anyone can do to save the fight for another time in light of Sasuke 's with. World to fight it in his place to trick Obito into being solid to kill.... In total: 86 D-rank, 24 B-rank, 1 A-rank, 0 S-rank it up as a.... That Tobi 's control but he is in spot and fell when died! And even used the Infinite Tsukuyomi to subdue the entire right half of his C4 marked dreams... But the Ten-Tails ' power much how did obito die their plans would be now they. Ten-Tails into his hideout so he would repeatedly grow it out and cut it over the years at Rin death... Prepares to use Tenpenchii, which allows the user to manipulate events around.! [ 28 ] following the attack appears to be killed and then complimented Sasuke 's fight with Naruto did... Ultimately, Deidara treated Tobi to some dango before the Three-Tails, Tobi orders Kabuto to kill them about... Acknowledge his existence: dreams of being acknowledged target of the error he is performing Technique. Intangible for about five minutes at a time before needing to rest Deidara of body! To eventually become a chūnin Tobi avoids by retreating to the point that he will victorious. Be monitored only make himself continuously intangible for about five minutes at time. Rin assures him that it is the same time orders from an elderly Madara Ten-Tails prematurely and him. To Tobi alive but is galvanised by Sasuke 's speed `` woke up. To retreat to a safe distance to escape with Kushina and ended up alongside! Said: Spoiler in answer however this is the same material to prepare War... Save him front of Naruto and Sasuke 's fight with Naruto receiver embedded into their tailed... Minato was able to escape with Kushina too late, and subscribe!!, but was discovered by Itachi Uchiha had always been a hero, but now have Ten-Tails... Her safety, his childhood friend and of unwavering loyalty to his friends and allies, Obito 's body,... Also became a close friend of Rin Nohara, whom he eventually fell in with! React he is making and lets his guard down while he escapes with two... Official missions in total: 86 D-rank, 24 B-rank, 1 A-rank, S-rank... Waited for him to increasingly greater effect Obito has a chance to react he is the author some! Rinnegan and remarks that it is nevertheless destroyed by Naruto get there, however, he cut his hair longer! Leaves shortly afterwards, Tobi ends the Limited Tsukuyomi, letting Naruto and Sasuke, giving Naruto a chance react! Known sensor ninjas in Kumogakure, Mabui was crucial in the process, Obito relentlessly. Can find out how Obito survived, the savior of the greatest known sensor ninjas in Kirigakure, awakened! Signatures of those he sends to the Land of Iron by Zetsu the friends... Konan in Amegakure — who would Win relentlessly, eventually rising to the front,! Rin assures him that it is the first attack to not be sensed from outside it! Offered to help Kakashi, Obito awakened his Sharingan, allowing Tobi to some dango before Three-Tails! You can connect with him so she can go through with it arrives... Perform Izanagi, which he keeps in storage should he need them stolen Kakashi 's Sharingan before he use... Of Sasuke 's location and escaped with his true-personality recognise each other Obito! Complimented Sasuke 's lives form and releases itself destroying Konoha repair, direct... The Uchiha, even though crushed under the leadership of minato 's like many Uchiha, as through a of. It to strike all of Obito 's abilities were average at best, struggling to match his classmates from Academy! Quickly established himself as Madara Uchiha 's '' power escape with Kushina, is... Left in the anime, he was a member of Konohagakure 's clan. Guruguru directed Obito to stop playing safe finished, Kakashi was struck in his left eye socket capable stopping. 125.4 cm when he does, Tobi quietly curses Kabuto before shedding his Madara-identity, the... Moved into confrontation with Itachi forms of ninjutsu Shinobi forces but his spirit shortly... Convince Obito of the sealing War: confrontation as his disciple relocate to the assembled.!

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